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Six Quick Tips for Using Social Media to help spread the word about your fundraiser on My HuTerra!

  1. Explain how supporters earning HuTerra Rewards help serve a need. Facebook and Twitter posts should be short and easy to understand. Sharing numbers and facts helps illustrate how people are affected by the problem and how supporting the organization helps.
  2. Post often. If you represent a nonprofit organization, work with your social media/content/marketing department to make sure fundraiser information is shared regularly. If you are a supporter and fundraising on your own for an organization (way to go!), be sure to post about your fundraiser daily.
  3. Share the link with a call to action. This is the “ask”. Please share, like, love, answer, or other action items easily allow your supporters to get involved! ‘What did you buy to earn HuTerra Rewards this week?’
  4. Give updates on how it’s going and the real impact. For example, telling followers that you’re up to $500 and that will feed 10 puppies, but there are still 100 more that need cuddles and food drives your message home, along with the point that they can be part of helping an important cause- and all they have to do is Shop, Scan, Give with My HuTerra App
  5. Ask followers to share, like, love, retweet or comment on your posts. Social media has the power to create social change and help you reach your goals!
  6. Use our My HuTerra resources page to grab anything you need to encourage your supporters!
These are just a few things you can do to help your fundraiser be successful. We also recommend connecting with HuTerra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can post links on our Facebook wall!

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