How do I setup my account to keep my donation and volunteering amounts private?

Everybody who volunteers, gives blood, or donates money is a Charitable Superhero. But sometimes we want to share our good deeds without sharing how much we've done. HuTerra respects users' need for privacy and it is easy to control who can see what information in your Member Profile. 

To change who can see your donation amounts, go to your Member Profile by clicking on your image above your user name in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, click the TOOLS tab then Edit Profile. Under "Demographic Information and Preference" is a section labeled "Sharing Preferences". Click the corresponding Edit button on the right. The "Sharing Preferences" menu opens up. 

Use the drop-down menu arrow keys to select your privacy settings for each category. Select "Everyone" if you want non-HuTerrians to be able to view your activity. Select "Only HuTerra Members" if you only want people who are logged in to be able to see your Impact, and select "Only Me" to keep your information private. 

When you are done making your selections for each category, click Save.    

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