How is my Fundraiser profile information used?

The Fundraiser profile is a tool for expressing the need behind the Fundraiser and building relationships between the organization and its supporters. 

Fundraiser profile information is used to tell the need behind the Fundraiser, share your organization's story, and help supporters find your Fundraiser. You'll want to link to your Fundraiser in all sorts of places, like email and on other social networks. Entering your own Short URL for your Fundraiser makes it easier to link to and for supporters to find it. Including a website URL and Contact Email helps supporters verify that you are who you say you are, and that the money will go to the intended organization.

Some profile information is used to categorize your Fundraiser. HuTerra users can search for fundraisers based on several criteria, including Cause type. Making sure the correct Cause category is selected helps new people find your organization. Including social network links encourages supporters to connect with your organization in multiple places, creating more opportunities for you to grow the relationship between your organization and its supporters. 

Another great tool for building relationships with your supporters is the option to Allow Supporting Fundraisers. Doing so engages supporters in Community-centric fundraising, making them a part of the organization in a useful and meaningful way. Encouraging supporters to help fundraise also builds sustainability for your organization. Learn more about Allowing or Disallowing Supporting Fundraisers here

It is important to provide complete, accurate information in the Fundraiser profile. Doing so allows more people to find it, and helps ensure success. HuTerra also uses Fundraiser profile information to ensure that donations go to the intended organization. Plus, the more details you offer, the more donations your Fundraiser will get! 
Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how HuTerra uses and protects information. 

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