How is my Community profile information used?

Your Community profile information is used to help people find your group and to share information about the group with other people who care about the same causes. The address information helps HuTerra users find groups located near them, which helps bring together like-minded people to work for a cause. The Cause type is used for categorization in the Community Search

The Community photo, Mission statement, and Mission photo or video are important for expressing what your Community is about. The more information you provide, the more people will want to participate in your Community. Viewing permission settings are important if your Community has a need for privacy (like if you're Charitable Superheroes and don't want people to know your secret identities!). Providing relevant links to your group's favorite organizations on other social networks will help group members connect with the cause in a more meaningful way. 

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how HuTerra uses and protects information.

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