Tips for Using Your Community to Engage Supporters

Use your HuTerra Community to get supporters engaged in your organization's work. This is a great place to cheer your most energetic supporters, and help them become part of the organization by fundraising for it. There are a few key things you can do to engage supporters in your HuTerra Community:
  • Upload meaningful images to your HuTerra Community that illustrate the need your organization addresses.
  • Go beyond sharing the organization’s Mission statement. Give accounts of the lives your organization has touched through its work and how supporters can help in the “Mission” section.
  • Provide numbers and information that illustrate how donors and volunteers create real impact by supporting your organization.
  • Share, share, share! Once you finish personalizing your HuTerra Community, be sure to spread the word and the links to all your existing supporters through other social networks and email, encouraging them to join you in HuTerra and share their impact stories. 
Your supporters want to help your organization. Make the most of their energy by engaging them in your HuTerra Community to fundraise for your cause!

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