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  1. Adding a Nonprofit to HuTerra

  2. Adding and Maintaining Your Nonprofit Organization's Information

  3. Advertising with HuTerra

  4. Allowing or Disallowing Supporting Fundraisers

  5. Anonymous Donations

  6. Changing or Stopping a Recurring Donation

  7. Common Reasons why a Receipt may be Rejected

  8. Creating a Fundraiser

  9. Do bank processing fees affect donation tax status?

  10. Do I have to be a HuTerra member to donate to a cause?

  11. Five Quick Tips for Using Social Media in Online Fundraising

  12. Hiding, Deleting or Removing a Project, Event, or Fundraiser

  13. How can I contact HuTerra?

  14. How do I connect my online Fundraiser in HuTerra to existing social network pages?

  15. How do I enter information about my Fundraiser?

  16. How do I include images with my Fundraiser?

  17. How do I set Fundraiser start and end dates?

  18. How do I setup my account to keep my donation and volunteering amounts private?

  19. How do I use the Share tool?

  20. How do nonprofit organizations receive donation money through HuTerra?

  21. How does HuTerra process donations?

  22. How is my Community profile information used?

  23. How is my Fundraiser profile information used?

  24. How is my information used?

  25. How the HuTerra Rewards program works

  26. How to Claim Your Nonprofit Organization's Community

  27. How to Sign Up for HuTerra

  28. HuTerra Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

  29. IRS Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements

  30. Is following something (fundraiser, community, etc.) the same as becoming a supporter?

  31. Is HuTerra supposed to replace my existing social network accounts?

  32. I’m having trouble with the share feature, I’m logged in and connected to my social networks but it says it doesn’t have all the necessary permissions… how do I get those?

  33. Making a Recurring Donation

  34. No Thumbnail Image or Wrong Description when Sharing a Link to Facebook

  35. Problems Viewing the Site

  36. Questions or Concerns about a Supporting Team Fundraiser

  37. Reading Your Community Fundraising Impact Statement

  38. Reading Your Fundraiser Statement

  39. Reading Your Member Fundraising Impact Statement

  40. Receipt Scanning Tips

  41. Receipt Statuses

  42. Scanning a Receipt

  43. Selecting a Fundraiser

  44. Selecting the Best Username

  45. Should nonprofits issue deduction letters to donors?

  46. Tips for Using Your Community to Engage Supporters

  47. Using Advanced Search Options

  48. What are the recommended image sizes in HuTerra?

  49. What does HuTerra charge for donation processing?

  50. What is HuTerra Rewards?

  51. What is HuTerra?

  52. What were you thinking with safety-green?

  53. When will HuTerra have all the tools I want?

  54. Why am I getting a "mixed content" error message?

  55. Why can't I find the organization I'm looking for?

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